top-quality classes.
non-competitive environment.

Salto Gymnastics is proud to offer top-quality recreational gymnastics programming to families in a non-competitive environment.

The Active Start and CanGym programs exist to help young aspiring athletes learn the fundamental movements of sport while building a love for physical activity in a fun and safe setting.


AGES 1 +

mat mice

ages 1 - 2

gyminy crickets

ages 2 - 3.5


ages 3.5 - 5

junior gym

ages 4.5 - 6

mini stars

girls ages 5 - 7

mini & mighty mites

boys ages 4 - 6


ages 3 +

trampoline & tumbling

ages 6 +

teen tumbling

ages 10 +

boys challenger

ages 6 +


ages 6 +

home school gymnastics

ages 6 +

summer Camps

ages 3+

cangym programs (COLOUR BADGES)

ages six and up

The CanGym Program exists to develop a love for gymnastics in young, aspiring athletes. CanGym classes focus on fun, fitness and fundamental skill development.

Registration for the CanGym program is based on skill-level. New registrants are encouraged to register for Burgundy/Red classes unless they have been assessed by a Salto instructor and approved for a higher level.

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